Personality test by Ludovic Coutaud

🇫🇷French version here

Which Halloween monster are you ?

Question 1 : You live in the dark and you fear it a little ! But that does not prevent you from going out at any hour of the night. For your next day in Paris, you are wondering if you prefer a visit to the Louvre museum or a getaway in the air ?

Answer 1 : museum (go to Question 2)

Answer 2 : getaway (go to Question 3)

Question 2 : Red is your favorite color, bright as your mind ! But you don’t wear it on you, no colorful item in your wardrobe. Accustomed to finding the latest quirky outfits, this year you hesitate between Massachusetts or Eastern Europe ?

Answer 1 : Massachusetts (go to Question 4)

Answer 2 : Eastern Europe (go to Question 5)

Question 3 : You are in need of sleep ! The cold begins to make itself felt, it is perhaps because you are already asleep, forever. A black cat rushes into your space and wakes you from a deep nightmare or goes through your body in a second without you being able to catch it ?

Answer 1 : wakes you up (go to Question 6)

Answer 2 : going through you (go to Question 7)

Question 4 : You can’t see your nose in the middle of your face ! Too small or your sense of smell seems very weak in this dusty space, trying not to sneeze and wake the dead. Let there be light ! You shout : ‘Light please, someone help me !’ A child opens the door and exclaims : ‘She is here ! Let us take her out with us !’. You say to him :

Answer 1 : I do not belong to anyone but to a tradition ! (go to Question 8)

Answer 2 : Ah ! I am flying away before it is too late ! (go to Question 9)

Question 5 : You constantly feel like you’re flying over what you’re doing ! And you are rather impulsive when you meet a person for the first time. One thing is sure, deep down you are sensitive and an artist but you prefer to get your :

Answer 1 : claws out (go to Question 10)

Answer 2 : flames out (go to Question 11)

Question 6 : Curfew is your best friend ! A good blanket, warm and in front of a good fireplace. The neighbors start celebrating in the street with the villagers. Are you thinking of joining them or grumbling in your corner ?

Answer 1 : joining (go to Result 1)

Answer 2 : grumbling (go to Result 2)

Question 7 : You have the skin of your youth and everyone asks you for your secret ! You are the most athletic of your entourage and attract crowds with your unique super clothing trend. A new Halloween store has opened just steps away from your home. Do you want the exclusivity by coaxing everyone or devouring them ?

Answer 1 : coaxing (go to Result 3)

Answer 2 : devouring (go to Result 4)

Question 8 : Black is black, though there is always hope ! You are very family oriented and you hasten each of the celebrations that brings people together. You have the organising spirit and a gift for sharing and partying. The guests arrive and you smile fully ! Too much pumpkin juice already drunk or with a glass of water directing them to the buffet table ?

Answer 1 : pumpkin juice (go to Result 5)

Answer 2 : glass of water (go to Result 6)

Question 9 : You love warm countries ! This is where true idleness is possible. Deserted islands, warm sand, azure blue water, you are so happy that you decide to share it with someone or you quickly go to turn off your phone before someone calls you ?

Answer 1 : share (go to Result 7)

Answer 2 : turn off (go to Result 8)

Question 10 : Having trouble finding your pants size at the store ? Tight ? Wide or comfortable ? Either way, your mother finds you the most beautiful of all. You ask for help from a salesman, a very nice man, and recognise him from your time in high school, you pretend not to acknowledge him or start a recovery in time ?

Answer 1 : pretend (go to Result 9)

Answer 2 : remember (go to Result 10)

Question 11 : You are the most pragmatic of the band, realistic with a touch of fantasy. You would like to travel the world, live the moment more. Your wildest dream is to escape wherever you want to discover the most beautiful corners of our wild planet. But you don’t dare… There is a solution, go ask your master for a longer lunch break or resign ?

Answer 1 : ask for a break (go to Result 11)

Answer 2 : resign (go to Result 12)


Result 1 : You are a living pumpkin ! Full of life, you always have something to converse about with your friends. Curiosity may be a bad thing, but you have good intentions. After all, traditions want it. Sharing, gathering and having a good meal, may life continue while smiling cheerfully !

Result 2 : You are a bat ! You are part of the pack under the orders of Dracula, your master. Lively and stealthy but above all an observer who knows everything that is going on in the square perimeter, to gossip with the girlfriends. Like the masked man, you are known as a hero among your loved ones or at least highly respected.

Result 3 : You are Dracula ! The strongest in Transylvania, the one who rules and wants things to be done as he wishes. A small grin in the corner of your lips and life offers you the most beautiful things. Born outspoken, you know that your cherubim bats will always be there for you in case of trouble. Even if loneliness is your friend, your gloomy castle has enough rooms to distract you.

Result 4 : You are a zombie ! Always head in the bag of what is happening, you protect yourself from the negative waves of a world too crazy for you. You are a good eater which makes you smile again, especially if your table partner does not ask you too many questions.

Result 5 : You are a witch ! Your pet keeps asking you for her beak. It’s time to go out to the forest for a few days to pick new plants for a soup tonight. Who will be invited ? Nobody. You want to stay alone sipping your homemade bowl, whether it rains or shines. Your cackle laugh pleases newcomers.

Result 6 : You are a mummy ! Well preserved and above all, of an absolute calm, the years lying in the darkness have done you a lot of good. With a rich memory for anniversary dates and anecdotes, you are faithful and always punctual.

Result 7 : You are a slimy creature ! Flexible, malleable and with the right heart, you want to scare on Halloween night but your slimy candy colour and your contagious smile do not succeed you. Always the guest of the evening and good jester, you are sure that visits to the cemetery will be regular on your grave.

Result 8 : You are a ghost ! Not invisible like the man but petty and chilly. You float in your thoughts as in the air. You’re a great philosopher, using your psychology to find the right side of things. We often come to you for advice.

Result 9 : You are the Joker ! You want to make people laugh, and you do it well but you grieve some on the way at the same time. Victim of your success and too solicited by the media for multiple photo shoots, your pleasure is a good coffee alone in the morning with good dramatic music. May the neighbours know how to behave or you will introduce them to your memorable smile.

Result 10 : You are a werewolf ! Human by day and animal by night, sleep is not your strong suit. Your dreams and nightmares are very creative and even mad. Seductive and surrounded by plenty of comrades, your goal is to live every night as the last, especially as a wolf.

Result 11 : You’re a dragon ! Fiery like a flame, literally, we know when you’ve been there. That’s a good thing, but let’s just say you’re not a mouse. Your place in this world is more epic than a small hole near the front door. You want to leave your greatness mark in this world and be remembered.

Result 12 : You are the invisible man ! Free, inventor and envy elsewhere. The great thing is, you can afford to leave, and no one’s gonna know for a second. You have the restlessness and desire to discover and talk about it to all your close friends.