Ludovic Coutaud

Ludovic Coutaud aka Lunatic Clown is an active thespian who was born in Marseille, in the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), where he first started Theatre at the age of 5.

For 13 years, he learned, played, had the time of his life with the lines of Molière, Shakespeare, Beckett, Feydeau, Goldoni and many other masters. At 14, he obtained his first onscreen role in a short film entitled ‘Touilleur et Boule de Neige’ directed by Laurence Briata, the painter Georges Briata’s daughter.

Between the years of 2009 and beginning 2011, he invented, wrote and directed his very first original stories (in French) for the screen gathering friends and family.

On February 2011, off to the Big Apple for a new exciting artistic journey! Ludovic started the ‘Acting for Film’ Conservatory Program at the New York Film Academy. During the year, he got his first New York Stage gig at the Historic Players Club (Gramercy Park) for the NYFA Spring Showcase.

Right after his memorable graduation, he landed a job doubling as a stage manager and clown for an Equity Play written by Daniel Neudell called ‘A Lover’s Pinch’, showcased at the LGBT Community Center (Greenwich Village).

From 2012 to 2018, he performed, created in New York City! As a performer, his onscreen roles, as well as stage parts, vary from independent projects to renowned productions uniting a diversity of versatile characters. Besides, he was lucky to be apart of a professional musical theatre troupe that toured Brooklyn for a series of original shows choreographed by Krystle Armstrong Alan and Kami Martin. He portrayed the iconic Lumière, Count Dracula, a happy Christmas Elf and even Jack Skellington.

Actor, playwright, director, creative producer and teacher, Mr Coutaud has written a dozen original plays in English that he directed and produced in New York City on the Broadway stages.

In 2017, he founded the Lunatic Clown And Cie, a travelling high-spirited production company that gathers talents from all over the world. He devotes his entire time to creating new original projects and bringing his art internationally with his Lunatic Clown Classes. So far, his work has been seen in France, New York City, Japan, Mexico, London and many more beautiful places.

Passionate artist of the Arts, Ludovic Coutaud is also a published author. You can purchase his book ‘A Lively Journey Through Plays’ on Amazon (Kindle Edition | Paperback), Lulu Bookstore (Ebook | Printed Book), Bookelis (Ebook | Book). It unites all the works he produced on the New York stages plus four original bonus scenes!

Ludovic also writes for New York Film Academy‘s Blog and Londres Mag, for which he shares about the Arts and Entertainment. (List of all articles here).

On this website, you will discover the different original projects that came right from Ludovic’s curious mind from his imagination to reality.

Ludovic Coutaud is represented by Emily Models (agency for models and commercial actors)

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