Ludovic Coutaud

Ludovic Coutaud aka Lunatic Clown; is an active thespian from Marseille, in the French Riviera, where he started Theatre.

Actor, playwright, director, creative producer and acting teacher, he devotes his entire time to creating new original projects and bringing his art internationally with his Lunatic Clown Classes. So far, his work has been seen in France, New York City, Japan, Mexico and London.

As a performer, his onscreen roles vary from independent projects to renowned studios’ productions. Moreover, Mr Coutaud has also written and directed several short films and 1 feature length film as well as a dozen original plays in English that he directed and produced in New York City. His work has hit the Off Off to On Broadway stages.

In 2017, he founded the Lunatic Clown And Cie, a traveling high-spirited production company that gathers talents from all over the world. On this website you will discover the different original projects that came right from Coutaud’s curious mind, from his imagination to reality.